Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pocket Cover Giveaway by Etsy Cloth Diaper Team

I would like you to take a look at these amazingly beautiful Oodie Bum pocket diapers from Scotia Farm Girl. One lucky person is going to win one of these as Lindsay has agreed to a give away this week.

One Size Pocket with Organic Fleece Insert

When I asked Lindsay about her design this is what she told me, “I created them when my daughter was about ten months old . I found the commercially available one sizes were too bulky and the rise was not high enough for our very long daughter. I thought I could create a diaper I would like more, and for less. So I designed Oodie Bums One Size pockets. My diapers are individually hand made from start to finish by me. No two are ever exactly alike as I pick the fabrics and snaps individually for each diaper I create. They are also nice and long for those long rise kids and very trim fitting. Aside from my tab fabrics (printed fabrics) all of my fabrics are milled here in Canada. I like to source as much product locally as I can.”

Dark Blue Oodie Bum Pocket with Zoo Print
I thought Oodie Bums was an interesting name for her diaper products. She told me her family story of when she and her brother were kids he used to say “oodie bum bum” all the time, and it stuck as a family saying (we all have them, don’t we!). When she was thinking of a name for her diapers, her mom suggested Oodie Bums and it just fit.

Snap and Fabric Detail
Lindsay's pretty fabric selections and precise attention to detail make these diapers a great choice for your stash. Please check out her shop ScotiaFarmGirl on Etsy. Lindsay is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, hence her shop name. She has customers from all over; Canada, the United States and even Europe.

If you would like to enter to win one of these great pocket diapers go to the etsy cloth diaper team blogspot:

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