Saturday, July 21, 2012

Londonware Giveaway

Let's Celebrate.  Londonware has reached 900 sales on etsy.  So to thank my customers I will be giving away a fleece cover.  Giveaway starts on July 21st and ends July 30th.   Open worldwide.  Countries outside US and Canada will be ask to  pay $3.00 for shipping.  Just enter below:

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Londonware Giveaway

Fleece Cover Giveaway

I have been making fleece diaper cover since 2009. I can't believe how fast time has gone. I want to thank all my great customers for ordering and reordering from me. I love creating cute yet affordable items for your baby.

I started using fleece covers on my son about 3 1/2 years ago. I fell in love with them. So easy to clean. Just wash and dry. I like wool but it was so much more work. So I wanted to share fleece with others and started my etsy shop.

If you are not familiar with fleece you should give it a try. Fleece makes great diaper covers because they are breathable, soft and durable. They are also machine washable and can be tossed in with the rest of your cloth diapers. Fleece also pulls moisture away from your baby keeping their skin nice and dry.

This giveaway is for one londonware fleece cover. Small, medium or large. Your choice of print. Open to US and Canada. International may enter if they pay shipping. Enter below.

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday Bright Idea Press Homeschool Giveaway

Scroll down to see what all is included!

WonderMaps by Bright Ideas Press - $49.95 Value!

Pick Your Features! Print Your Maps!
Geography and map skills add richness to any lesson. Whether it’s history, literature, science, current events or Bible, maps play an integral role in thoroughly understanding the topic at hand. With WonderMaps’ made-to-order geography materials at your fingertips, there’s no more skipping map studies due to a lack of preparation time and resources!

What is WonderMaps? It’s a customizable collection of over 350 different maps. With nearly endless possibilities, WonderMaps makes it easy to regularly integrate map study into a variety of lessons and make the most of every learning opportunity.


Winner may choose from: Biology, Earth & Space, Physics, or Chemistry

This series is a "Cathy Duffy Top 100 Picks" winner!

Teaching science does not have to be hard! Try this user-friendly, unabashedly Christian, one-year science curriculum for elementary /middle school students. Simple format — quality content. Teach once or twice a week using the read-aloud lessons, gorgeous coloring pages, hands-on time, memorization lists, review sheets, and awesome book lists!

*Biology and Earth & Space were written for 3rd through 6th graders, but can be scaled down for younger students. Physics and Chemistry are better suited for 5th - 8th grades.

We are using "Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space" this year and we LOVE it!!


All American History Set by Bright Ideas Press - $68.00 Value!
Winner chooses from Volume 1 or Volume 2. There are three books in each set. Having taught American history a number of times, each time writing (and re-writing) her own materials, Celeste has shared her love of history with many students in her homeschool classes. Designed to be engaging and written in a comfortable style, All American History reads like a good book — bringing America’s story to life piece by piece.

Containing hundreds of images and dozens of maps, All American History Set Volumes I and II are each a complete year’s curriculum for students in grades 5 – high school.

Each week's lesson includes reading a chapter in the Student Reader; completing maps, forms, and review questions in the Student Activity Book, and choosing from hands-on and further research ideas in the Teacher Guide. (As well as great teaching tips, answers, and a great book list!) The Teacher Guide also provides additional hands-on, book lists, and further research ideas for younger students.


A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers by Bright Ideas Press - $34.95 Value!
Winner may choose either paper back or digital download.
A User-Friendly, One-Year Curriculum for Grades 4-8
Christian, Creative, Chronological

Why take the time to Crack the Code of Classical Music?
Music is from the Lord. He created it, and He created us with the ability to both make and appreciate music. Classical music is uniquely part of our Western civilization. Research suggests that both listening to and playing classical music aids brain development. Even rudimentary exposure increases one's level of enjoyment and understanding.

This course provides a close-up look at famous composers, their music, and their times, with special attention to character traits and Christian testimony (or lack thereof). Even the musically challenged will enjoy this course! Itfs perfect for grades 4-8 but is easily adaptable for younger and older students. Minimal teacher prep will return maximum enjoyment!

Click on link below to go to giveaway.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Reusable Gift Bags

Start a great Christmas tradition by using reusable Christmas bags. They are easy to store, don't take up much room, and can be used year after year. Great to give as gifts or keep right in the family.

This bag is made of 100% cotton. With a ribbon for a draw string. The inside have French seams. Which makes a very pretty finish on the inside.

Measurement of bag:
7.5 inches X 10 inches
3 inches to ribbon closure

You can make a complete set in same fabric. I can also custom make any size. Just Converse me.

*More prints will be available soon.

Buy at my etsy shop:

Pocket Cover Giveaway by Etsy Cloth Diaper Team

I would like you to take a look at these amazingly beautiful Oodie Bum pocket diapers from Scotia Farm Girl. One lucky person is going to win one of these as Lindsay has agreed to a give away this week.

One Size Pocket with Organic Fleece Insert

When I asked Lindsay about her design this is what she told me, “I created them when my daughter was about ten months old . I found the commercially available one sizes were too bulky and the rise was not high enough for our very long daughter. I thought I could create a diaper I would like more, and for less. So I designed Oodie Bums One Size pockets. My diapers are individually hand made from start to finish by me. No two are ever exactly alike as I pick the fabrics and snaps individually for each diaper I create. They are also nice and long for those long rise kids and very trim fitting. Aside from my tab fabrics (printed fabrics) all of my fabrics are milled here in Canada. I like to source as much product locally as I can.”

Dark Blue Oodie Bum Pocket with Zoo Print
I thought Oodie Bums was an interesting name for her diaper products. She told me her family story of when she and her brother were kids he used to say “oodie bum bum” all the time, and it stuck as a family saying (we all have them, don’t we!). When she was thinking of a name for her diapers, her mom suggested Oodie Bums and it just fit.

Snap and Fabric Detail
Lindsay's pretty fabric selections and precise attention to detail make these diapers a great choice for your stash. Please check out her shop ScotiaFarmGirl on Etsy. Lindsay is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, hence her shop name. She has customers from all over; Canada, the United States and even Europe.

If you would like to enter to win one of these great pocket diapers go to the etsy cloth diaper team blogspot:

Mini Rag Wreath Craft for Kids

This weekend we made an easy rag wreath. You can use this as a decoration or to hang on the Christmas tree. If your kids love to tie things in knots they will love this craft.

1 Pipe Cleaner
Fabric cut in strips (Can use scrape fabric)

Take Pipe Cleaner and connect to make a circle. Then take one piece of fabric and tie on to pipe cleaner. Continue doing this until the whole circle is full. Add a ribbon to hang.

*This would also make a great funky fun bracelet.